Here are some links for inspiration, resources, and references related to graphic design.

Design Inspiration (design magazine & resource) blog) (package design) (advertising) (history and theory of design) (design ideas) (
Ads of the World

Illustration (illustration blog) (illustration from 40’s and 50’s) (illustration, graphics, painting blog) (the blog of the parson’s illustration program)

Color (online collection of color swatches)
saving color swatches in photoshop and illustrator

Tutorials & Notes

Photoshop Photoshop tutorial site) (Photoshop tutorials)
notes on curves in Photoshop
mirror effect in Photoshop
make a glow in Photoshop
how to make a vignette in Photoshop
make a drop shadow in Photoshop
list of layer effects in Photoshop
layer masks in Photoshop
Drop Reflection in Photoshop
kaleidescope in photop
Rule of thirds in photoshop video

gradient reflections in Photoshop

Alignment in Illustrator
Layer masks in Illustrator
Crop tool in Pathfinder (Illustrator)
Clipping mask in Illustrator
Seamless vector pattern (Illustrator)
3d tools in Illustrator
Designing 3d can of beans in Illustrator
Seamless pattern in Illustrator (video)
Drop Reflections in Illustrator
Vector Rays in Illustrator


Layer masks in Flash


Motion graphics (motion graphics blog) (motion graphics forum)