In class exercise Audacity Project:
1) Find a Podcast
2) Download an episode (mp3 file)
3) Open it in audacity and extract 3 minutes of dialog (preferably dialog without a musical or sound bed)
4) Find and download a piece of creative commons music
5) Mix the music together with the dialog in audacity (use the envelope tool to adjust levels and shift emphasis from music to the dialog)
6) Know the license of your music

(look in the open resources section of this blog to find links to creative commons music)

example podcasts:

Creative Screenwriting Podcast – interviews with screenwriters
American Cinematographer Podcast – interviews with cinematographers
Filmweek – weekly film review
Red Centre – podcast focused on shooting with the Red camera

The Sound of Young America – interview style show, Ira glass for the kinds.
This American Life – weekly themed radio show
Sound Opinions – music review show
Fresh Air with Terry Gross – interview style news show
Engadget -Technology podcast