So I wanted to make a post to emphasize a nice comment the blog received the other day. It was from Clive Young, who is the author of “Homemade Hollywood,” a study of fan film productions. In his own words, it “covers the history and future of the form, from the 1920s to today’s backyard efforts.” This is definitely an interesting subject, a practice that appears to be growing, and oddly has gone fairly ignored in critical literature or film histories. He does rightly note that such academics as Henry Jenkins, the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, have positively responded to his work. Jenkins own interview with Young can be found here.

It would seem as if the question of fan films is only the beginning of a discuss of how we turn public media into part of our personal experience. I’ll try to follow up on this post with more thoughts on issues of mimesis, reception studies, and the shift terrain of media distribution. Meanwhile, check out Young’s blog where he keeps up to date with the latest in fan film productions