First you must find your subject, for instance a film, star, or product, then you must find it’s audience or fans. Once you have found these two you need to think about the context around each one. Think of the context as the world around them, their history, and the media in which they appear. In the case of a pop star, the context would be how she or he became a star, their raise to fame, and the place they occupy in media such as television, on-line, and print press. Then think about the same for the audiences or fans, where do they come from, what do they do to express their interest in the star, and do the see themselves?

As to the form of the project, you might first think of it as a long blog post or short article, with images spread through out to illustrate and reference the subjects being talked about. One technique would be to juxtapose the original artist material and fan made material. This could be two youtube clips, one the original video and another a video made by a fan.

Another idea is to show how people have added a favorite star or character to their world. An example would be someone’s car that they have painted in the colors of their favorite cartoon character. This could also include changes to the interior, steering wheel, and seat covers. Along the same lines you could look at the fashion that people wear, how it is themed around their favorite sport’s team or how it mimics the fashion of their favorite star.

And lastly, you could look at fan films which are often short films made as a tribute to a commercial feature film. Sometimes the tribute is clear and other times amateur films try to mimic a popular film without explicitly saying they are a fan film. Here it would be interesting to look at discussion forums and comments on video sites where people discuss and critique each other’s films.

Ok I hope these additional notes are helpful in continuing to work on your final projects.