Project Description:
Digitally edit a frame grab, separating the main actor(s) from the background. Present the original image beside a frame where the actor(s) have been replaced with white (or in the case of a white background, black). And finally create a third frame where the actor(s) appear on a totally white frame. In accompanying text comment on the source of the frame grabs, what you think is the lighting used in the scene and your thoughts on the relationship between the subject and background in the scene.

Cosby Show frame grabs at this link,

Technical Details:
capture using shift + print screen or using a video player such as vlc player that allows framegrabs.
Maintain the original aspect ratio, e.g. 16×9 or 4×3
format: .png or .jpg files
length: one frame grab turned into three frames (the original, white characters, characters on white)
possible tools:shift+print screen/vlc player/illustrator/photoshop