What are logos? I used our new tool the online etymology dictionary and got “1937, probably a shortening of logogram “sign or character representing a word” (1840), from Gk. logos “word” + gram “what is written.” So logos traditionally represented a word and now they represent all kinds of things from the nike swoosh, to the pearl television logo, to the gucci double g. After awhile logos take on a life of their own. We don’t need to slow down and ask what they mean, they immediate evoke a particular brand or idea.

Here is interesting to study the movement into and eventual place of the logo in television and film history. The logo has shifted form an initial marker to an omnipresent brand positioned not so discretely in one corner or the other. It let’s us know, no matter the content, we’re on their channel, in their network stream. And on occasion, there is a brand indent or 15 second spot that shows the logo in all it’s glory.