As I mentioned in the first lecture of the semester, there is an implicit space that has become standardized and evolved over the development of broadcast media. The news anchor, composited news graphic, and logo all occupy a different plane.

In digital graphics, there is also often an implicit space or in other words an implied dimensionality. The “drop shadow,” “highlight,” and “reflection” are all part of this trend. They situate the text or graphic object in a space that is more often than not continuous or consistent with the space around it.

In photoshop one can simply use Layer/Layer Style/Drop to create a drop shadow. To create a reflection use Edit/Transform/Flip Vertical on a duplicate of the original layer. Then you can adjust layer opacity and/or create a gradient effect with Layer/Layer style/Gradient Overlay. And lastly, a blur can be placed on this layer so as to mimic a rough reflecting surface, Filter/Blur/Guassian Blur.