Since we’ve been focusing on logos and graphics I thought it important to make a post about the ways that text and fonts can be treated as images. Text and the accompanying font used to display it are just as important as any other part of graphic design. Both where and how it sits in the design conveys as much meaning or impact as the actual content of the text.

Graffiti is a good example of the ways in which font can take on a graphic character. As in this example, the letters are exaggerated to such a degree that the text is nearly illegible. Still the text taken as a whole is stylized enough to be a identified as the work of a specific graffiti artist.
In addition to graffiti classically done with spray paint there has also been a trend toward smaller tags done simply with a black magic marker. These smaller tags exaggerate the individual letters to the point of making the tag visible only as one aesthetic whole. Here is a link to a interesting project where they have sought to break down the individual letters and styles used in New York street tags.